Students Corner

My experience with the MIMT was very knowledgeable & enthusiastic as all the faulty & staff was very supportive in every aspects.

Deepak Sharma
2D Animator, Eduhive Creative Studio, DDN)

MIMT enhance my creative side by blushing up my talent into a meaningful & opt full career.

Chyrell Solomon
Teacher – Doon International, Dalanwala, DDN

My college has provided me with constant support and guidance through the various workshop as well as our teachers. I would like to wish my juniors all the very best.

Mansi Pandey
Teacher (George Public School, DDN)

I take this opportunity to thanks my college Minerva Institute of Management and Technology (MIMT). My faculty & all those who helped me to grab this opportunity.

Dharmendra Pal
2D Animator, Knowledge Podium, DDN)

I have learnt many things from Minerva Institute. One of the best things that I’ll remember for my life time is that there is no passion be found in playing small=in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. I’m really very proud to be a student of MIMT.

Pooja Rawat
Actor, Garhwali Film

Thanks to Minerva Institute of Management and Technology, the faculty has always been supportive and inspiring guides, and also challenging taskmasters. The peer group at MIMT was intellectually stimulation and with some, I have make friends for life.

Reporter, Doordarshan, Dehradun

It was a very beautiful journey of 3 years at Minerva Institute. I am feeling proud to have this amazing opportunity. Thank you Minerva of bringing me up to this level.

Sana Khan
Hoseiy Complex, Noida

Minerva Institute helped me a lot in learning things practically. It enhanced my professional knowledge & guided me a lot in my work & hence I am successfully placed.

Sandeep Kannojia
Marketing Exe. Hello Uttarakhand, DDN

Minerva Institute of Management & Technology has nurtured me and made what I am today…MIMT made me more disciplined and helped me to grow not only professionally but holistically…as a good human being.

Tushar Bhardwaj
Location Manager (Rough Production, New Delhi)

I am thankful to Minerva Institute for the practical training provided to me. Working in Croma Studio & with latest techniques not only provided me total professional knowledge of Mass Comm. Industry but given me successful placement too.

Sneha Bamola
Announcer, All India Radio, DDN

I have achieved a lot after passing out with a degree from MIMT and I am happy that there are many more to follow.

Ravinder Bisht
Graphic Designer (Knowledge Podium)

Study at Minerva Institute yielded me a promising career.

Sweta Ramola
Merchandiser (Daksh India)

Minerva Institute has been instrumental in my personal & professional development. I am well placed in garment industry due to what I learnt at the Institute.

Janvee Narang
Merchandiser (Orient Craft)

I am grateful to Minerva Institute for the training it gave me that helped a lot to build my career.

Saransh Thapa
Graphic Designer (Knowledge Podium)

MIMT is been like a “MECCA OF KNOWLEDGE” to me as I inhaled the glorious talent, information & creativeness from our teachers MIMT is a stepping stone of my career.

Prachi Sharma
Merchandiser (Expert House)

MIMT has helped me to broaden my horizon in fashion world. The Institute has taught me virtues line punctuality, professionalism & enhance my creativeness in designing which gave me an opportunity to work with GMPPI.

Manisha Negi
Creative Designer (GMPPI)

MIMT has equipped me with knowledge and skills & I am a successful animator today.

Ashish Kumar
(Knowledge Podium)

I had a wonderful opportunity to be associated with Minerva Institute due to which I could get a good placement in the industry.

Gaurav Rawat
Graphic Designer (Itirang Studio)

Today if I look back & compare myself as a person I feel more confident, satisfied & delighted to be a part of MIMT, which provided me guidance whenever I required.

Devesh Bhandari
Graphic designer (knowledge Podium)

The Institute has helped me in and out; it gave me a hand to enhance my creativity which leads me to begin with my own production house. The teachers in MIMT has always encouraged & guided me in my work.

Sanjay Negi
Session Pro (Production)

MIMT has helped me to walk with pride & dignity as the institute provided me a platform to work in well-know organization in Dehradun.

Rani Rawat
Graphic Designer (knowledge Podium)

Minerva Institute has encouraged me to trace my goals. The practical knowledge at the institute helped me a lot in working as a Graphic Designer.

Jasleen Kaur
(Knowledge Podium)

A strong structure can only be built on a strong foundation. My years in Minerva Institute of Management and Technology helped carving my foundation and thus I am and I will always stand the test of time.

Chaya Chandel
Sam Apparels Pvt. Ltd. Noida