Journalism & Mass Communication Course in Minerva

University Courses Duration Eligibility
Bachelor in Mass Communication. 3 Years. 10+2 in any discipline
M.A (Mass Communication) 2 Years. Graduate in any discipline
Diploma courses Duration
Advance Diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism 2 Years.
Diploma in Reporting & Editing 1 Years.
Certificate course in Journalism 6 months
Certificate course in Camera & Editing 6 months

Importance of Journalism & Mass Communication Course

Mass communication is the study of how people exchange information through media to large segments of the population at the same time. It is usually understood to relate newspaper, magazine, and book publishing, as well as radio, television and film, even via the internet as these mediums are used for disseminating information, news, and advertising. Minerva is the best college for mass communication in Dehradun. The study of mass communication is chiefly concerned with how the content of mass communication persuades or otherwise affects the behavior, attitude, opinion, or emotion of the person or people receiving the information.

Journalism & Mass Com Course Details

Journalism and Mass Communication course has been intended to offer enrolled understudies Basic journalistic aptitudes in different broad communications, to open understudies to ongoing advancements in media issues and media examine. Reporting and Mass Communication course additionally gives proficient recognition the different advances associated with broad communications like PC applications, particular programming, and equipment connected in print, radio, TV, web and such types of media.

The program offers detailed approach in Reporting & editing, Designs for Media, Video Production, Corporate Communication, Public Relation, Print & Electronic Media management, cinematography & communication research.

Career Opportunities in Journalism & Mass Communication

There are estimated over 402 million users of the Internet in the county which have pushed the total work of the advertising sector in India to 10 billion. At present, there are numerous jobs in media journalism pertaining to the Internet. A career in Mass Communication and journalism are highly-paid once. A qualified professional can take up a job for educating, entertaining, informing, persuading, interpreting & guiding. Working in print media offers the opportunist to be news reporter, editor, feature writer & photojournalist, etc. Electronic Media offers great opportunities of being a News Reader, Program Host, Cameraman, Producer, Scripter, Editor and so on.

Minerva and Journalism & Mass Communication

Thanks to mass media, there will never be a dearth of job opportunities for students majoring in mass communication. Minerva has the best faculty for the Journalism and Mass Communication Course in Dehradun. Minerva is the top college in Dehradun which provides excellent facilities and opportunities with their Journalism & Mass Communication course.

We have our students placed as Journalist/News reporter, Fashion Photographer, TV Correspondent,  Producer,  Radio Jockey/ RJ,  Public Relations Officer,  Content Writer.

Minerva is well known as Journalism & Mass Communication College/institute in Dehradun. It has excellent infrastructure and instruction systems clubbed with top faculties and their strategies to make Minerva the top College. Minerva offers diverse Mass Communication Courses in Dehradun including Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication, Postgraduate in Journalism and Mass Communication, Master of Journalism and Mass Communication and advance mass communication diploma courses from well-recognized  Uttarakhand Technical University Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University approved by Govt. of Uttarakhand.

Minerva true to its name as one of the best and top mass communication course colleges in Dehradun and has created an ecosystem by creating excellent opportunities for our students to lead the world in every field.

We provide both degree and diploma courses in the field of mass media and journalism. You can opt from our various mass com courses in Dehradun

Certificate Courses

  1. Certificate Course in Camera and Editing with a duration of 6 Months
  2. Certificate Course in journalism  with a duration of 6 Months

Diploma Courses

  1. Mass Comm & Journalism Diploma Course with a duration of 2 Years
  2. Reporting & Editing Diploma Course with a duration of 1 Year

Mass Communication Degree Courses

  1. Bachelors in Mass Communication or Mass Media Course with a duration of 3 Years
  2. Masters (M.A) in Mass Media Course with a duration of 2 Years


In addition to the Journalism & Mass Communication Course in Dehradun, you can also view our advanced courses in Fine Arts, Animation & Multimedia, Drawing & Painting, Fashion Designing, and other Commerce & Management Courses. Visit us for more subtleties for the course.


Course Content for Journalism & Mass Communication

Mass Communication (B.A) Course Details


Semester: 1


·         Introduction to Mass Communication & Journalism.

·         Communication & Communication Theories

·         Fundamentals of Computers.

·         English Communication & Soft skills.

·         Reporting & Editing –Print

Semester: 2

·         Writing for Media –1 (English & Hindi)

·         Introduction to Broadcast Journalism

·         Designing for Media

·         Creative Writing for Media (English or Hindi)

·         Advertising.


Semester: 3

·         New Media Journalism

·         Media Laws.

·         Introduction to Print Production &Technology

·         Photo Journalism & Photography.

·         Film Appreciation.



Semester : 4

·         Cinematography.

·         Public Relation/Corporate Communication.

·         Digital Video & sound Editing

·         Indian Constitution, Politics & International Relation.

·         Reporting & Editing – Radio.

Semester : 5

·         Development Communication.

·         Economic Development & Planning.

·         Newspaper Management.

·         Print Media Production.

·         Video Production-I.

Semester : 6

·         Electronic Media Management.

·         Video Production-II

·         Communication Research.

·         Project-I.


M.A. (Mass Communication ) Course Details

Semester 1


·         Introduction to Mass Communication

·         Introduction to Electronic Media

·         Media Laws & Ethics

·         Print Journalism

·         Reporting, Writing, Editing

·         (Print)

·         Psychological Assessment


Semester 2


·         Multimedia, Animation &Graphics

·         Electronic Journalism

·         Photo Journalism

·         Video Editing

·         Advertising & Public Relations.

·         Media Research



Semester 3


·         Cinematography, Lighting, Set, Designing & Makeup

·         Media Economics Corporate Communication & Marketing

·         Direction

·         Script Writing for Electronic Media

·         Radio Production

·         Corporate Communication Marketing


 Semester 4

·         Electronic Media Commercials Project Work/ Dissertation

·         Acting

·         Elective-I

·         Elective-II

·         Project Work/ Dissertation




Advance Diploma In Mass Communication

For Specialization in Film Making


Semester – 1

·         Fundamental of Camera

·         Introduction to Indian Film Cinema

·         Script Writing

Semester – 2

·         Writing Screenplay

·         Fundamental of Editing

·         Music & Voice-Over


Semester – 3

·         Intro To Mass Communication

·         Documentary Making

·         Short Film Making


Semester – 4

·         Camera Handling with reference to Film Making

·         Advertisement Film Making

·         Stages Of Production


For Specialization in Journalism & Reporting

Semester – 1

·         Intro to Mass Communication & Journalism

·         History Of News Paper

·         Management & Ownership of newspaper Organization

Semester – 2

·         News Gathering (Electronic/Print media)

·         Interview, Articles & Feature Writing

·         News Editing & Production

Semester – 3

·         Sources Of News

·         Types Of News

·         News Writing (Electronic/Print media)

Semester – 4

·         News Paper Layout

·         Photojournalism

·         Reporting Techniques


For Specialization in Public Relation


Semester – 1

·         Introduction to P.R.

·         Stages of PR

·         Stages of PR

Semester – 2

·         PR tools

·         Event Management

·         employee relations


Semester – 3

·         PR for NGOs

·         PR for hospitals – PR for charitable institutions

·         PR for media institutions

Semester – 4

·         Public Information Campaign

·         Communication with the public

·         Publicity



For Specialization in Advertising


Semester – 1

·         Introduction To Advertising

·         Socio-economic effects of advertising

·         Various media for advertising


Semester – 2

·         Ad agency management

·         Advertising

·         Public Relation and Corporate Communication


Semester – 3

·         Advertising in the marketing mix

·         Business development

·         Definitions of PR


Semester – 4

·         Advt. for Printing

·         Advt. for Radio

·         Advt. for T.V.



Diploma In Reporting & Editing


(Semester 1)

1. Intro To Mass Communication

2. Reporting & Editing- Print

3. Introduction to Broadcast Journalism

4. Starting with Adobe Photoshop

5. Practical Assessment – Semester 1


(Based on contents of all the subjects)


(Semester 2)


1. Writing for media

2. Media Production

3. Fundamentals Of Computer Application

4. Photo Journalism & Photography

5. Practical Assessment – Semester 2 (Based on the contents of all the subjects)



Certificate Course In Journalism


1. News Gathering,

2. News Writing

3. News Reporting

4. Writing Soft News  & Hard News

5. Introduction to T.V & Radio Journalism

6. Introduction to radio & Radio Programming

7. Anchoring for Electronic Media

8. Editing & Camera Handling

9. Program Production Techniques


Certificate Course In Reporting, Editing, Camera


1. Introduction to Journalism

2. News Writing & Reporting

3. Editing Techniques

4. Basics of Camera Handling

5. Reporting Techniques & Practices


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