Fine Arts Courses in Minerva

University Courses Duration Eligibility
Bachelor of fine Arts(BFA) 4 Years. 10+2 in any discipline
Masters of Fine Arts 2 Years. Graduate of Fine Arts
Professional/Diploma courses Duration
Diploma in Painting 1 Years.
Diploma in Graphic Designing 1 Years.

Importance of Fine Arts Course

Fine Arts is the creation and learning of visual art. It is a form of art practiced generally for its aesthetic significance and its beauty instead of its functional value. Fine art is embedded in drawing and design-based works such as printmaking, painting, and sculpture. It is often contrasted with “applied art” and “crafts” which are together traditionally seen as effective activities. Other non-design-based activities considered as fine arts include photography and architecture, even though the latter is best implicit as an applied art. It edifies and prepares the student to be an artist and to follow other practices that are allied to the making of art. Minerva Institute (MIMT) is a top college for arts or BFA college providing Fine Arts courses in Dehradun including Diploma, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Masters of Fine Arts (MFA).


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Fine Arts Course Details

In terms of academics, Fine Arts is the study and creation of visual works of art. The visual works of fine arts commonly include additional forms, such as dance, theatre, design, painting, film, photography, video production/editing, design, sequential art, conceptual art, printmaking, history of arts, designs, sculpture, architecture, pottery, Interior designing, Photography & Painting. In its initial year, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Course (BFA) includes drawing, painting, portraiture, art-making conception development, etc.

Career Opportunities in Fine Arts Course

Conventional art forms are being converted into profitable sectors for commercial use nowadays. Opportunities are increasing at a rapid rate in the sectors of fine art. Fine art graduates develop a range of practical and creative skills and gain valuable experience of entering exhibitions, competitions and building up a portfolio of work. They can set up or become a part of animation & advertising companies, art studios, clothing industry, fashion houses, magazines & online services & teaching.

Minerva and Fine Arts

Minerva Institute of Management & Technology (MIMT) is one of the best colleges in Dehradun for Arts and has top courses for Bachelor and Masters of Fine Arts. Our students have achieved great milestones in the field of Fine Arts. With our innovative ideas and technique, our students have been contributing a lot to this field. Minerva has always upgraded its curriculum according to the current need and demand of the field.

Minerva has made its own mark as top Fine arts institute and colleges in Dehradun, Uttarakhand with its excellent Fine arts education techniques and methods.
Minerva has varied Fine arts diploma & degree courses in Dehradun, you can opt from the varied fine arts courses.

  1. Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) Course with a duration of 4 Years
  2. Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) Course with a duration of 2 Years
  3. Diploma in Painting with a duration of 4 Years
  4. Graphics Designing Diploma Course with a duration of 2 Years

Minerva Institute of fine arts true to its name as one of the top colleges in Dehradun for arts and has created an ecosystem with creating excellent innovative artist for the world.

In addition to Fine Arts, you can also view our advanced courses in Fashion Designing, Animation & Multimedia, Mass Communication & Journalism, Drawing & Painting and other Commerce & Management Courses. Visit us for more details about the courses.



Course Content for Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA)

Common for All Students

First Year

  1. Sketching
  2. Drawing
  3. Painting
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Clay Modeling
  6. Print Making
  7. Calligraphy /Typography
  8. English
  9. History of Civilization
  10. Fundamental of Applied Arts


Specialization in (Applied Art)

Second year:

  1. Drawing and painting
  2. Illustration
  3. Graphic design
  4. Typography
  5. Still life
  6. Photography &silk screen printing
  7. History of art
  8. Advertising theory


Third Year

  1. Life Study
  2. Illustration
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Computer Software
  5. Photography &Silk Screen Printing
  6. History of Art
  7. Advertising Theory


Fourth year

  1. Illustration
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Photography &Silk Screen Printing
  4. Dissertation Viva Voice &Art Camp
  5. History Of Art


Specialization in (Painting)

Second year

  1. Nature study
  2. Still life study
  3. Portrait study
  4. Life study
  5. Architectural Drawing
  6. Composition
  7. Clay modeling
  8. Sketching
  9. Methods & material
  10. History of arts


Third Year

  • Nature study
  • Still life study
  • Portrait study
  • Life-study
  • Architectural drawing.
  • Composition
  • Clay modeling.
  • Sketching
  • Methods & materials.
  • History of arts



  • Portrait study
  • Life-study
  • Composition
  • Clay modeling
  • Sketching
  • Methods & materials.
  • History of arts
  • History of arts


Course Content for Diploma in Painting (1 Year)


A fundamental course in Visual arts i.e. Drawing & painting, Design &colors. The course serves to expand the studentĺs awareness of the visual arts and his creativity precision. Use of tools & material.

1) Sketching (Quick & rapid; Human figures; Animal & Birds; Nature etc.).

2) Drawing exercise of study Nature in a different medium.

3) Exercises to explore the expressive quality of line using different media.

4) Drawing from imagination (memory drawing) any medium.

5) Study of the line through constructions using different media like wire straw, thread, etc.

6) Exercises in college to develop an understanding of the relationship between different shapes, in different colors. Overlapping & grouping etc.

7) Study of perspective.

Clay modeling:

1) Concept of mass; volume & space.

2) Composition

3) Circuiting of clay models (terracotta).

4) Relief on clay.

Geometry & Perspective:

  • Understanding and use of the geometrical instrument.
  • Parallel & angular perspective.


  1. Methods & Materials.
  2. History of arts.


Course Content for Diploma in Graphic Design (1 Year)


The Graphic Design Curriculum Focuses On Creating Intelligent and Powerful Visual Communication Students Build Strong Foundation For A Graphic Design Career By Learning Design Techniques, Visual Thinking Concept Development, Colour, Composition, And Typography.

  1. Drawing and painting
  2. Illustration
  3. Typography
  4. Still life
  5. Photography &silk screen printing
  6. Computer Software
  7. Graphic design
  8. Sketching
  9. History of art
  10. Advertising theory


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