Drawing And Painting Courses in Minerva

University Courses Duration Eligibility
M.A.(Drawing & Painting) 2 Years. Graduate With Drawing & Painting

Drawing Course Details

The program includes the study of Portrait, landscape, Poster Designing, Themetical composition, Photography & Creative composition. A fundamental section of the course includes the philosophy of Indian European and Modern Painting. The course also includes art appreciation, screen printing & folk visual art.

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Career Opportunities in Drawing or Painting Courses

Art is a career and a moneymaking and stable career too. Job growth in art careers is critical. Art-related careers are literally growing at a rate quicker than average job growth. Artists add a series of industries and in numerous jobs, from making art or public art to victimization package to form animations or creating technical illustrations for engineering companies. The choices are nearly endless. After successful completion of the course, one can work as a Faculty, Art Administration, Art restoration specialist, Graphic Designers, Commercial Artist and Muralist.

Minerva and Drawing & Painting

Drawing And Painting is the heart of Minerva. Minerva offers professional drawing and painting classes in Dehradun. With our superlative staff and art courses, students are able to attain great levels in the field of drawing and painting. Minerva has created the best courses in drawing and painting to benefit the students at all levels.

Minerva has built its own mark as best drawing classes in Dehradun with its glorious education techniques and strategies. Minerva has varied art courses in Dehradun including oil painting, drawing courses, painting courses and sketching classes in Dehradun, visit us for a lot of details for the courses.

The Drawing & Painting course is deliberated to provide expression to someone’s imagination through visual precept like symmetry, proportion, and rhythm.  The Courses in sketching will go through various lessons to extend one’s drawing skills.  Providing Painting Courses in Dehradun, the exercises designed to improve the skills and to portray sceneries or designs on paper.

Our painting & sketching Classes in Dehradun gives exposure to your art and your individual self, which is very beneficial in other areas of life as well. Ultimately, one can explore the creativity of art by representing it with a brush in painting classes.

In addition to Drawing classes or Painting courses, you’ll conjointly read our drawing courses coming up with, Fashion Designing, Animation & Multimedia, Mass Communication & Journalism, Fine Arts, and other Commerce & Management Courses. Minerva true to its name has created an ecosystem with creating excellent innovative artist for the world.

Course Content For M.A in Drawing and Painting

Semester 1

  1. History of Indian Painting
  2. Philosophy of art (Indian)
  3. Freehand drawing
  4. Portrait
  5. Landscape

Semester 2

  1. History of Indian Painting
  2. Philosophy of art (Western)
  3. Freehand drawing
  4. Portrait
  5. Landscape
  6. Poster designing
  7. Study of medium & Techniques of Painting

Semester 3

  1. History of European Painting
  2. History of the modern painting of Indian
  3. Life-study (full figure)
  4. Themetical composition
  5. Art of China & Japan
  6. Copy from Indian miniature
  7. Art appreciation
  8. Screen printing
  9. Folk visual art


Semester 4

  1. History of European Painting
  2. History of the modern painting of Europe
  3. Life-study (full figure)
  4. Creative composition
  5. Renaissance art of Europe
  6. Copy from great Masters painting
  7. Mural Tradition in India
  8. Photography
  9. Batik /tie and dye
  10. Dissertation
  11. Study of any artist


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