Animation & Multimedia Courses in Minerva

University Courses Duration Eligibility
B.Sc. in Animation 3 Years. 10+2 in any discipline
Diploma courses Duration
Advance Diploma in Animation and Multimedia 24 months
Advance Diploma in 3D Animation 18 months
Diploma in 2D Animation 12 months
Advanced Certificate in Web Design 6 months
Advanced Certificate in A/V Post Production 6 months

What is Animation?

The animation is a process of creating an optical illusion by which we see the moving pictures. Animation has the ability to give life to nonliving characters on screen.

Animation Course after 12th

After intermediate, opting a right career option is the most vital decision for an individual. The students who want to pursue animation course after 12th can go with their preferences and interest. The animation technique is becoming very popular all over the world. From TV commercials to movies, the animation is everywhere as there is a huge demand for skilled animators. There are various animation courses after 12th which any individual can choose according to his convenience or interest.  Before joining the animation course after 12th and choosing animation as a career option everyone should know what prospect the animation industry offer.


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Importance of Animation Course

The animation is the technique of drawing, designing, making layouts and preparation of pictorial sequences which are integrated into the multimedia and gaming products. It is an art form in which a world of dynamic image and sound may be synthesized completely out of nothing but a thought Animation involves the creation and management of motionless images to make the illusion of movement At present, the entertainment industry i.e. film and television has achieved new heights because of advances in graphics, animation, and multimedia. The advertisements, Television, cartoons serials, model designs, and presentation they all use animation and multimedia techniques.

B.Sc & Diploma in Animation Course Details

The course covers the study of the principal of Animation, Graphic Designing Architecture, Visualization, Web Design, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Story Boarding & Scripting, Gaming, and VFX & Composting.

Career Opportunities in Animation Course

Animation with time has an honest hold over movies, TV, and advertising industries thanks to the excessive use of computer graphics. One animation film needs as several as animators, which implies vast employment opportunities. The animation is one among the concrete, remunerative and rigorous career choices that serve each recreation and education industries alike.

Jobs offered in the industry are content developer, storyboarder, artist, character animator, background artist, layout artist, 2D animator, web designer, 3d animator, graphic designer, etc and also in the field like advertising direction, photography, fashion television, films, education gaming and so on.


Minerva and Animation and Multimedia

Animation and Multimedia is the top paid career in the industry today. Minerva Institute of Management & Technology (MIMT) has produced some of the best talents in the industry for Animation and Multimedia. We have the top faculty and courses which assisted us to take the top position as the best college for BSc Animation and Multimedia in Dehradun.

Dually affiliated from Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University, Minerva’s animation course in Dehradun has been designed for the industry and is adjusted according to the Industry standards. Our students have been placed in the best companies and are contributing a lot to the Animation and Multimedia Industry.

MIMT is the top Bsc animation college or institute in Dehradun which has been delivering education according to the global standards. The institution provides the best Bsc Animation Course in Dehradun in the most conducive environment for the learners, as they work on multiple projects as mastering diverse aspects of Animation & Film Making. Minerva Institute is committed to delivering the best in Graphic Designing, 2D Animation, 3D Animation and multimedia course education in Dehradun through its professionals.

3D animation course with our qualified and experienced mentors makes you sound enough in the discipline of 3D animation. After the completion of the 3D animation course, you can apply for top animation studios for the diverse posts. You can opt from one of our various Animation Courses in Dehradun

  • Web Designing Certification course with a duration of 6 months.
  • 2D Animation Diploma Course with a duration of 1 year.
  • 3D Animation Diploma Course with a duration of 1  year.
  • Advance Diploma Course in Animation and Multimedia with a duration of 2 years.
  • Audio & Video Editing (A/V) Post Production Certificate Course with a duration of 6 months.
  • Bachelors (B.Sc) in Animation Course with a duration of 3 years.


2D, 3D Animation Course in Dehradun

Our institute provides 2D and 3D animation course in Dehradun which helps the students in making the creative and effective visuals and animating the models. We focus to provide the best education to the beginners to realize their creative proficiency in designing field. MIMT is the animation institute in Dehradun offering dual degree and diploma course in animation which gives a strong foundation to improve their artistic innovation. Those who are planning their career in the field animation after 12th can enroll at Bsc animation colleges and apply for VFX animation, graphic designing or 2D, 3D animation course in Dehradun to enhance your basic skills. Our diploma in 3D animation course intends to the learning students to make spectacular and awesome 3D pictures or films and be the part of this creative and innovative animation industry at the premier position.

Graphic Designing Course in Dehradun

The Graphic Designing Course is a very important and job oriented course in demand. It is a creative course basically used for editing of images. We provide diploma in Graphic Designing course in Dehradun for those who desire to complete their study in a short time. Our animation course in Dehradun involves advanced courses in 2D and 3D animation, VFX animation course and graphic designing course with plenty of opportunities. Minerva offers the career and job-oriented animation degree and diploma courses in such a way to open and develop the one’s mind and creating effective works to become a professional in its field, thus making it the institute providing best Graphic Designing Course in Dehradun.


In addition to Animation and Multimedia Course, the Institute also provides advance courses in Fine Arts, Fashion Designing, Drawing & PaintingMass Communication & Journalism, and other Commerce & Management Courses.


Course Content for Bsc Animation & Multimedia Course



  • Fundamentals of Computers.
  • Foundation Course in classical animation.
  • Principles of Animation.
  • Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop).
  • Principles of Animation: PRACTICAL_1.
  • Graphic Design: PRACTICAL_2.



  • Elements of Preproduction.
  • 2D Digital Animation (Flash).
  • Audio Editing (Adobe Sound booth).
  • Video Editing (Adobe Premiere).
  • Flash: PRACTICAL.
  • Audio & Video-Editing: PRACTICAL.



  • 3DS max
  • MAYA fundamentals.
  • MAYA Modeling
  • MAYA Texturing
  • 3DS max PRACTICAL.
  • Modeling/Texturing PRACTICAL.



  • MAYA Rigging (Skeletal System)
  • MAYA Skinning & Muscle Systems
  • MAYA 3D Animation basics
  • Digital Compositing (Adobe After effects).
  • Character Rigging/Animation: PRACTICAL.
  • Digital Compositing PRACTICAL.



  • 3D Character Animation (Maya).
  • Lighting (Maya).
  • Rendering (Maya).
  • Dynamics (Maya).
  • Lighting / Rendering: PRACTICAL.
  • Dynamics: PRACTICAL.


  • Minor project (Individual).
  • Group Project & Portfolio development.


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