Students Corner

I have achieved a lot after passing out with a degree from MIMT and I am happy that there are many more to follow.

Ravinder Bisht
Graphic Designer (Knowledge Podium)

Study at Minerva Institute yielded me a promising career.

Sweta Ramola
Merchandiser (Daksh India)

Minerva Institute has been instrumental in my personal & professional development. I am well placed in garment industry due to what I learnt at the Institute.

Janvee Narang
Merchandiser (Orient Craft)

I am grateful to Minerva Institute for the training it gave me that helped a lot to build my career.

Saransh Thapa
Graphic Designer (Knowledge Podium)

MIMT is been like a “MECCA OF KNOWLEDGE” to me as I inhaled the glorious talent, information & creativeness from our teachers MIMT is a stepping stone of my career.

Prachi Sharma
Merchandiser (Expert House)

MIMT has helped me to broaden my horizon in fashion world. The Institute has taught me virtues line punctuality, professionalism & enhance my creativeness in designing which gave me an opportunity to work with GMPPI.

Manisha Negi
Creative Designer (GMPPI)

MIMT has equipped me with knowledge and skills & I am a successful animator today.

Ashish Kumar
(Knowledge Podium)

I had a wonderful opportunity to be associated with Minerva Institute due to which I could get a good placement in the industry.

Gaurav Rawat
Graphic Designer (Itirang Studio)

Today if I look back & compare myself as a person I feel more confident, satisfied & delighted to be a part of MIMT, which provided me guidance whenever I required.

Devesh Bhandari
Graphic designer (knowledge Podium)

The Institute has helped me in and out; it gave me a hand to enhance my creativity which leads me to begin with my own production house. The teachers in MIMT has always encouraged & guided me in my work.

Sanjay Negi
Session Pro (Production)

MIMT has helped me to walk with pride & dignity as the institute provided me a platform to work in well-know organization in Dehradun.

Rani Rawat
Graphic Designer (knowledge Podium)

Minerva Institute has encouraged me to trace my goals. The practical knowledge at the institute helped me a lot in working as a Graphic Designer.

Jasleen Kaur
(Knowledge Podium)